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Analyze the present.
Plan for the future.
Create financial freedom.

Whats Included

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial Planning isn’t just retirement planning. Important financial decisions are made on a regular basis. A comprehensive strategy will ensure you get the most out of every dollar.

Single stock concentration

Having a large part of your eggs in one company can be a recipe for disaster but it can also be the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ll help you balance risk and reward to come up with a diversification strategy that works for you while minimizing your tax bill.

Tax Guidance

Use advanced tax mitigation strategies such as loss harvesting, 83b elections, account allocation, and tax efficient investments that allow you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Goal-based Planning

Whether its early retirement, accumulating real estate, or sending your kids to college, get a clear action plan on how to achieve your financial goals, no matter how lofty they may be.

Risk Management

A retirement plan can be destroyed in seconds if you’re not properly protected. Receive trustworthy advice on insurance and estate planning that doesn’t involve commissions or hidden fees.

Charitable planning

Philanthropy provides emotional and psychological advantages while helping those in need. Cash is one way to give but strategies utilizing appreciated securities, charitable trusts, and estate planning can reap higher financial benefits for yourself and your charities of choice.

The steps we'll take

1. Get to know you

Goals and Values

A financial plan and investment strategy shouldn’t be based off checked boxes on a questionnaire. Before giving you recommendations on how to best allocate your money, I need to truly understand what makes you tick. An effective financial plan is focused on your highest priorities yet flexible enough to pivot when life changes.

Data Gathering

Gathering investment statements, tax returns, equity grants, and debt statements shouldn’t be a painful process. A seamless onboarding process, use of 256-bit Secure Socket Layer technology, and two-factor authentication ensures an efficient, yet secure flow of data to help create a comprehensive plan that’s best for you.

2. Create a plan

When should I sell my RSU’s? How much should I allocate to my child’s college plan? Do I have too much money in cash? How can I diversify away from a single-stock but minimize taxes? All your questions will be answered with clear and actionable steps.

3. Invest accordingly

Most advisors have model portfolios based on your risk level. While bucketizing your portfolio based on a questionnaire is convenient, your investments should be customized to fit you rather than a generic model. Your investments will be selected not only on your appetite for risk, but also on your goals, values, and financial plan.

4. Track progress

Your financial plan will be stress-tested before implementation and your investment results will be available to you in real-time. Results matter and will be measured on an ongoing basis. Regular meetings to review progress and implement changes will ensure you stay on track.

a 15-minute discovery call will allow us to see if my strengths aligns with your needs.