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About you

You work hard and are great at what you do. Your ambition has rewarded you and your family well. However, you are unsure on how to best take advantage of your high income to maximize wealth.

A busy career and family life leaves little time and energy to focus on your financial health. Yet, you are at the most critical stage of your financial life. Not only are you striving to ensure your children are setup for a bright future, you need to make sure your own goals are on target.

Like most people seeking a planner, you want to make sure your family is on the path to success. Unlike most people, you have a complex compensation structure that is largely dependent on more than a salary. 

The wrong moves can lead to paying thousands in opportunity costs, unnecessary taxes, or unnecessary risk. Smart moves can lead to incredible, life changing results.

Let me help you make the smart moves.

The Smart Path Advantage

Tech-Industry Focused

Vesting schedules, single-stock concentration, trading windows, equity grants, and stock options can be complex. You need a strategy that will not only mitigate taxes, but also ties in to your financial goals. With retirement, insurance, college, and tax planning, you will have a comprehensive strategy that makes the most of your various income sources and investment vehicles.

Investment Expertise

Algorithm-driven portfolios work well if you are seeking average market returns. If you want to reach your goals faster, you’ll need to be better than average. Smart Path performs deep research to identify great companies that produce strong long-term investment returns while minimizing risk.


Traditional investment strategies from the financial industry hinder growth and provide misaligned incentives. With a fee based on the success of your portfolio, you can make sure our incentive is aligned with your goals — grow and protect your portfolio.

About Palbir

With nearly 20 years of investment experience, I decided to launch my own advisory firm in 2015. Today, I am most proud of helping clients in my community get closer to what matters — spending less time worrying about their finances, and more time focusing on what’s important – their family, friends, businesses, careers, and hobbies.

Prior to launching Smart Path, I spent some time working as a Financial Analyst for various technology companies in the Bay Area. It is here I began to understand the unique needs of IT Professionals and those who work for tech companies.  

I also spent some time as a research analyst and investment writer for The Motley Fool. It is here I got to showcase my passion for researching and analyzing great businesses. You can get a feel for my business analysis, research process, and investing style by reading my articles here

My educational background includes a Master of Science degree in Financial Analysis and Investment Management from Saint Mary’s College of California in Moraga. As a CFA® Charterholder, clients can expect to work with an ethical advisor who puts clients first and exhibits strong investment expertise.

As for my personal life

I live in Dublin with my beautiful wife and two, always happy and never annoying children. Weekends typically involve hiking, birthday parties, sports, game boards, and spending time in our favorite Livermore wineries. Our financial plan includes striving for a retirement home on the beach where our families can gather for generations to come.

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